Alma MI's own student film festival!



The Strand Theater


Located at 217 E Superior St. in Alma, MI, 48801, the Strand Theater has stood since 1920. Once boasting premieres of  films from around the world, it has been refurbished as a live theatre space where countless shows and plays have been performed since 1996. 

On April 7th, 2018, The Pine River Student Film Festival will house its second annual show, the 2018 edition, in this historic space. With films running from 12:00PM - 9:00PM, this celebration of student filmmaking from around the world will honor The Strand's history, as well as look forward to a future full of student filmmakers.

12:00PM - High School Narrative Films

1:45PM - High School Documentary Films

5:00PM - Homegrown Films

6:00PM - College Narrative Films

7:40PM - College Documentary Films

Any questions regarding the location, merchandise, or scheduling can be referred to 

Click on the center link below to see the 2018 Pine River Student Film Festival lineup!